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Dark and Moody Presets for Desktop AND Mobile Designed specifically for BOTH Lightroom Desktop AND the FREE Lightroom Mobile App, these professionally crafted presets will transform and unveil your photos with darkened and dark colors, warm skin tones, and rich earthy hues which will allow you to define your style and save time by developing a consistent appearance across your photos and societal media in one click! The Dark & Moody Preset Collection is excellent for wedding, traveling lifestyle, food blogging, interior design, landscape, and architecture – perfect for cultivating a delightful Instagram feed aesthetic that is cohesive and matches with your personality! Mix and match presets inside the group to create a constant dark and moody look. Our MILLENNIUM Collars today include 2 different document versions, so for the very first time, you can use these gorgeous and warm presets in Lightroom CC Desktop, Lightroom CC Mobile AND the FREE Lightroom Mobile App providing you with the capability to produce beautiful Black & Moody edits ANYWHERE you are quickly and easily. Included in your download are 9 Premium Dark & Moody Presets created for the two Lightroom CC as well as the FREE Lightroom mobile program that have been designed to enhance your images with rich, warm colour, while carefully protecting your subject’s skin tones – our presets will not change your exposure or white balance giving you ultimate flexibility! Whether you’re a professional photographer, a rookie taking photographs Pretty good Lightroom presets for your Instagram feed, or any place in between you will LOVE our Dark & Moody Millennium Collection!! The Dark & Moody Millennium Collection Includes: 9 One-Click Black & Moody Presets Presets are completely customizable to suit your style. Presets are harmonious and completely optimized for Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Cloud (CC) Desktop and Mobile. 2nd version of presets added for installation and use in the absolutely free Lightroom Mobile App. Now edit pictures directly on your mobile phone! Works on both the Mac, PC and Mobile. Works on RAW and JPEG images Education guide and video tutorial links contained. Lightroom Black & Moody Pretty Presets Dark & Moody Millenium Presets Aloha Bali Dubai Fiji Goldcoast Reverie Safari Shangri-La Lava B&W DUE TO THE DOWNLOADABLE NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. ALL SALES FINAL. Permit great for (1) photographer/studio only Things included in the deal are electronic downloads, PDF guides, links to online videos Fundamental knowledge of Lightroom required Special thanks to Janey Cooper Photography and Oak along with Ember Photography for using the beautiful pictures used in these cases. We are so grateful to work with these remarkable photographers. Lightroom FAQ: Just Click HERE. Photoshop FAQ: Just Click HERE. How to set up Lightroom Presets click HERE. How to set up Lightroom Brushes click HERE. The Way to set up Photoshop Actions click HERE. The Way to set up Photoshop Overlays click HERE


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